Tootega Prophecy 135 in GORDON PARK, Queensland for sale

Tootega Prophecy 135
Tootega Prophecy 135
Tootega Prophecy 135
Tootega Prophecy 135

The flagship touring model in the Tootega range.
Exceptional storage capacity, and integrated comfort features ensure the Prophecy 135 is perfect choice for multi day touring trips, coastal exploration, and larger paddlers.
With generous legroom, unique cushioned heel pads, easy adjust footrests, a raised seating position, and an extremely comfortable seating system - A long day on the water needn`t be an uncomfortable one.
The longer waterline length of the Prophecy 135 ensures that the hull is as graceful and smooth as it is quick and stable. If you have distance to travel or a load to carry - there is no better choice
Use on
Flat water rivers
Main Features
Retractable rudder that can be raised and lowered whilst sitting in the cockpit
10 inch central hatch with bucket
6 inch hatch behind you
Large oval hatch at the front
Adjustable footrests
2 x paddle parks
Stainless steel carry handles
Bungy cord over rear tank well
Bungy cord over the large hatch
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